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101 survival items that you do not want to be without.

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101 survival items that you do not want to be without. 

The above picture is Abraham Mazlow's hierarchy of basic human needs. I have based the following list on this hierarchy of needs. With all the things threatening us today, it would be smart to pack a survival kit that will help you address all your humanly needs. Imagine if one day you have to evacuate your home, wouldn't it be great to have a few bags packed so that you and your family can grab it and RUN!!! This list is meant to give you an idea of what to pack. You may choose to pack all the items listed or make you own list of things that you give most importance to. A survival kit is necessary because you may live in an area prone to hurricanes (like me, here in Florida), tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, aliens, monsters, zombies, Monsanto sprays, killer bees, in-laws, and the list goes on. Regardless of the reason you have for escaping, part of your escape plan should include grabbing the survival kit. Have you ever thought about what you might need? Try to pack the smaller travel/camping size/versions of items so that you can carry all your things in a backpack or two. The items on this list are NOT in order of importance. You should be able to survive for years if you have all the things on this list. Here's hoping you never need it, but hey! better to be prepared than sorry! Remember, people don't plan to fail, just fail to plan!

  1. Emergency numbers list- family, friends, authorities
  2. Copies of important documents- passport, id's, birth certificates etc.
  3. Copy of the house and car keys- in case you don't have them on you when you gotta run
  4. Activated cellphone w/ prepaid card- in case you don't have yours on you when you gotta run, or you might want a satellite phone with GPS (Global Positioning System) unless you don't want to be found
  5. Pictures of your loved ones- will help you retain your humanity
  6. Your loved ones- will help you keep you sanity
  7. pens
  8. pencils
  9. pencil sharpener You can use the pecil shavings as tinder!
  10. markers 
  11. A notebook can be used as a journal or you can use the paper to make signs with your pens, pencils, or markers.
  12. Book on medicinal and edible plants and flowers with pictures.
  13. First Aid items- various sizes of bandages,
  14. gauze,
  15. bandage tape,
  16. butterfly strips,
  17. Alcohol swabs,
  18. cotton swabs,
  19. respiratory masks,
  20. gas masks
  21. CPR instructions (infants and adults),
  22. bulb syringe,
  23. salt(for making a saline solution to clean wounds),
  24. gloves,
  25. scissors,
  26. tweezers,
  27. thermometer,
  28. space blanket,
  29. wet wipes,
  30. penlight,
  31. instant acting cold/hot packets,
  32. ace bandages.
  33. First Aid Liquids- Rubbing alcohol,
  34. Hydrogen peroxide,
  35. antibacterial cream,
  36. antibacterial gel,
  37. Aloe based sunburn lotion w/ Lidocaine - good for sunburns or bug bites,
  38. Anti-itch cream,
  39. iodine.
  40. First Aid Medications- aspirin,
  41. acetaminophen,
  42. EpiPen® (Epinephrine Auto-Injectors) which help stop allergic reactions,
  43. anti-inflammatory,
  44. anti-diarrhea,
  45. anti-fungal,
  46. anti-histamine.
  47. Shelter and Protection-Rain Jacket with Hood jacket or/and rain poncho
  48. mosquito net/hat
  49. insect repellent
  50. Emergency radio with LED light, generator, siren,and solar panel
  51. Lighters
  52. Magnesium fire starter with built in flint rod and separate striker
  53. tinder sticks or rope pieces in waterproof box
  54. Water proof container with matches
  55. Gun with bullets
  56. Swiss army knife or similar all-in-one tool with a knife
  57. Hunting Knife
  58. flare gun with flares
  59. whistle
  60. Stun gun
  61. bear mace
  62. Rope or Parachute Cord can be used in making a shelter, or for lowering yourself down mountains.
  63. Harness clips/rings can be useful for climbing trees or making a hammock etc. 
  64. Duct Tape can be used to cover holes in your shelter etc. 
  65. napkins can be useful as bandages or to help cushion things. 
  66. Survival candles will last a long time. There are some candles that last more than 9 hours.
  67. Toilet paper (the camping ones have a skinny cardboard cylinder so that you have more paper)
  68. Compact emergency tent or shelter like this one 
  69. Compact sleeping bag/mat or back packer hammock
  70. auto inflating cushion for your bed
  71. auto inflating life raft
  72. auto inflating life jacket
  73. Hatchet for cutting wood
  74. Compact Saw for cutting wood into workable pieces for a shelter
  75. compass so that you don't walk around in circles
  76. bright orange ties – for marking paths
  77. mirrors – for signaling, starting fire
  78. foil – useful for many things
  79. plastic trash bag -can be used to catch rain
  80. Sustenance- Pocket water filtration system and/or water filter straw and/or water treatment pellets – if you can, try to get a Sawyer water filtration kit
  81. Canteen
  82. Compact/mini fishing pole or automatic fishing reel
  83. Fishing hooks and line
  84. Iron Camping Stove- this one is so cute- I had to add it. Any emergency stove or pocket cooker should do just make sure to get a stove that can use wood, unless you are bringing some other type of fuel.
  85. Anodized compact camping cookware (what anodizing means)
  86. Anodized camping mug
  87. Anodized camping plate
  88. Metal forks, spoons, knives
  89. Organic meal replacement/granola/cereal/ snack bars
  90. Organic cereal
  91. Organic dry soup
  92. Organic vitamins
  93. Organic dry fruit
  94. Organic Jerky
  95. 100 proof whiskey can be useful for cleaning wounds, as pain reliever, and for drinking.
  96. Meal, ready to eat” (MRE) If you can get them, they would be great to have.
  97. Non-Genetically Modified organism (Non- GMO) certified organic seasoning seeds – try to get some for seasoning like cilantro, mint, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, parsley, peppers, cacao, and oregano.
  98. Non-Genetically Modified organism (Non- GMO)certified organic fruit seeds – try to get berries, oranges, apples, bananas, and lemons
  99. Non-Genetically Modified organism (Non- GMO) certified organic vegetables seeds- don't forget the  wheat grass and leafy greens like spinach. Also broccoli, corn, squash, onions, and beans are good ones to have.
  100. Non-Genetically Modified organism (Non- GMO) certified organic medicinal and other useful seeds- such as Aloe(healing properties), hemp (can be used to make fuel, oil, paper, clothes and as an anti-nausea medicine), cotton etc.

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